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Recent reports on practitioner observation suggest that Lithium not only affects a person's mood, but also has a decalcifying effect in the brain and carotid artheries. 

Lithium No. 39 contains the precise amount of bioactive material required to treat depression and increase cerebral circulation. Ionized lithium, even in extremely small quantities, is powerful enough to chemically react with the human biological system. Lithium bromatum 3x is a non-toxic ionized formula. In comparison to its pharmaceutical form, it has no negative side effects, particularly those related to kidney problems. Even in its low concentration, Nestmann's Lithium No. 39 is effective due to its high absorption rate.


Supports mood and cognition.



Depression, anxiety, vertigo, lack of concentration (brain fog), forgetfulness.


Lithium bromatum 3x


Suggested Use
20 drops on the tongue or in 1 ounce water two to three times daily between meals.
1/2 or less than the adult amount.


Alternative Application Method
Can be rubbed onto skin inside of the elbow.


  • This information is not meant to diagnose, treat or replace traditional treatment, and has not been approved by the FDA or HPB.

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