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IINDICATIONS To assist in the cellular detoxification of residual toxins as a consequence of previous mycotic infection. Effects of these accumulated toxins are often delayed in onset. It may be utilized in acute infections in an effort to prevent any secondary complications. Fungal infections are often opportunistic, therefore, a deeper problem such as chemical or metal (dental) toxicity should be considered. Clinically, this DETOXOSODE has been found to be as useful as employing individual fungal nosodes.



· ARISTOLOCHIA is an herb noted for its eliminative and cleansing properties.

· INTERLEUKIN (IL/2): a lymphokine factor that transmits growth and differentiation signals between cells. This effect serves to benefit the lymphatic system.

· MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIS, the Australian tea tree, and from Brazil, PAU D'ARCO also known as ipe'roxo, lapachol or taheebo, are both used for their antifungal effects.

· PISUM SATIVUM, the garden pea, contains a lectin with lymphocyte (WBC) stimulating activity.

· POLYGONIUM PUNCTATUM, the water pepper weed containing the active substance polygodial, has been shown to be useful in fungal infections.


For relief of fungal sensitivity, eczema, skin eruptions and to assist the bodily systems' natural efforts to return to homeostasis. Fungus and yeast overload.

DETOXOSODE FUNGI*YEAST Homeopathic Formula 4 oz.

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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