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To assist in the cellular detoxification of residual toxins as a consequence of exposure to chemicals such as environmental/ industrial pollutants, insecticides, phenolics, etc.,. Effects of these accumulated toxins are often delayed in onset. A primary response to toxicity is neurologic, with organ/system involvement often as a secondary reaction. Clinical experience has shown that chemical intoxication is very prevalent. It is also considered to be a primary cellular toxicity.



· INORGANIC SALTS: calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate and sodium phosphate are common environmental as well as industrial pollutants.

· ORGANICS are chemically classified as ALIPHATICS, i.e. dihydroxyacetone, glyceraldehyde, or AROMATICS, benzaldehyde and benzoic acid. All of these chemicals represent the archetypes or building blocks of reactive toxic compounds.

· POLYMERS, such as polysiloxane, are long chained molecules containing silicon used in the manufacture of plastics.

DETOXOSODE CHEMICALS Homeopathic Formula 4 0z. (Replaced by Tox-Chord)

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