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Scientists at the German University in Jena isolated a specific acid from brown algae which bonds to iron particles. During experiments, they discovered the molecular structure of the acid was similar to the hemoglobin molecule. It had the ability to significantly increase oxygen transfer to the cells and was named Phase Transfer Catalyst (PTC). When Marco Pharma learned of this remarkable brown algae constituent, it was added to the formula.


-Powerful antioxidant

-Promotes oxygen transfer into cells

-Balances neurotransmitter functions

-Increases concentration and alertness 

-Improves memory

-Strengthens immune system

-Slows aging process

-Lowers mild hypertension

-Increases physical energy and endurance



Lack of concentration, brain fog, weakened memory, migraine, tobacco use, stress, depression, mood swings, ADD, ADHD, Autism, cerebral inactivity, insufficient oxygenation of the brain, decreased circulation in the brain, hypertension, vertigo.


Cerebro PTC was developed for indications of cerebral insufficiencies. This formula is based upon proven scientific data and research regarding the brain and neurotransmitter functions. What makes this product unique is the remarkable increase of oxygen transfer to the cells (the effectiveness of PTC).


Unlike getting additional oxygen from the air, this product makes oxygen already in the body more bioavailable to the cells. Athletes who use PTC were able to increase their performance up to 28 percent. For example, instead of running 5 miles over a set time, they were able to increase the distance in the same time to 6.4 miles (28 percent increase). This is considered a remarkable increase of energy due to enhanced oxygen utilization. 

Cerebro PTC

  • This information is not meant to diagnose, treat or replace traditional treatment, and has not been approved by the FDA or HPB.

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