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Calming support for the nervous system. This German formula is a natural sedative without the side effect of drowsiness, hyperactivity, insomnia, depression, hysteria, palpitations.


Anethum graveolens - Dill fruit
Artemisia vulgaris - Mugwort roots and tops
Avena sativa - Oat seed
Calluna vulgaris - Heather aerial portion
Humulus lupulus - Hops blossom
Hypericum perforatum - St. John?s wort aerial portion
Lamium album - White nettle blossom
Melissa officinalis - Lemon balm leaf
Mentha x piperita - Peppermint leaf
Primula veris - Cowslip blossom
Pulsatilla pratensis - Pulsatilla whole plant
Urginea maritima - Red squill bulb
Valeriana officinalis - Valerian aerial portion
Verbena officinalis - European vervain aerial portion

Suggested Use
30 drops in tepid water three times daily. As a sleeping aid, take 40 to 60 drops or up to 1 teaspoon before bedtime.
Children 6 and older
10 drops in water three to five times daily.
Children 5 and under
5 drops in water three to five times daily.


Avena Sativa

  • This information is not meant to diagnose, treat or replace traditional treatment, and has not been approved by the FDA or HPB.

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