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Supports healthy lung and respiratory function. Symptoms due to allergic reactions, coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, hay fever, rashes and itching of the skin, food reactions, headaches.



Reduction of inflammation and swelling of the upper respiratory tract mucous membranes, strengthening the cell walls and suppression of hyper-allergic reaction, including intercellular region.



Key Ingredient
Aralia racemosa 4x - Hay fever, dry cough, frequent sneezing, allergic asthma, tickling in the throat.

Accompanying Ingredients 
Formicum acidum 12x
Luffa operculata 6x
Cardiospermum 3x
Thuja occidentalis 4x
Urtica dioica 4x 
Galphimia glauca 4x
Petroleum 6x
Rhus toxicodendron 6x
Lachesis mutus 8x

Suggested Use
In acute cases, take 10 drops every 15 minutes on the tongue or with water until improvement is felt, then take 10 drops less frequently. To maintain balance, take 10 drops three times daily before meals. As an alternative, it is also suggested to mix one teaspoon of ALLERNEST No. 8 into a bottle of drinking water for frequent use throughout the day.

Half or less of the adult amount.


  • This information is not meant to diagnose, treat or replace traditional treatment, and has not been approved by the FDA or HPB.

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