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WaveFront 2000/3000

Signal Transference into Water

According to Einstein, everything in the universe oscillates or has a frequency. Water and silicon are the two known molecules that have the capacity to store or capture frequencies. This principle has been proven out time and time again since the inception of homeopathy. A homeopathic oscillation, for example, is information from a substance, stored as a unique frequency or signal imprinted on the water molecule. Alcohol or glycerin is used in the remedy to stabilize the remedy from bacterial and fungal growth.

The WaveFront 2000/3000 is an electronic device that transfers frequency information from a substance or remedy to water. The water mentioned is typically a water-based remedy, for example a homeopathic or drainage remedy. Clearly, this type of technology offers a wide range of uses. The device is practical, economical, extremely simple to use and very effective in therapy application.

Alert or Alarm Signal Effects

In the morning, we use an alarm clock to wake us up. Alarm clocks used to be the wind-up variety that made a fair amount of noise; tick-tock, tick-ticking through the night. A person unaccustomed to this type of clock may at first have difficulty falling off to sleep, but eventually a person will get use to the noise. If your objective is to wake up at a specific time, then naturally you could set the alarm for a specific time. When the alarm would ring, the sound would wake you up. However, if you had become accustomed to the noise of the wind-up alarm clock and someone turned it off during the night, the absence of the clock's "tick-tocking" would cause you to wake up. Removing the clock becomes an "Alert Signal", less alarming than the ringing of the alarm, but an alarm just the same.

In a similar way, through the course of aging the cells of our body become use to and almost asleep to their environment, so much so that it takes an alarm or alert signal to get the cells to respond. Cell function is often impaired by toxins and pathogens or even by the residue frequency of a foreign material (xenobiotics). An "Alert Signal" can initiate a detoxification response at a low level of "stimulation" and with a low level of trauma. This is the general mechanism of how "hormesis" or nosode homeopathy works.

A homeopathic nosode remedy offers an embedded resonance of the original substance. The resonance is not the actual original substance, yet it is a recognizable signature. This signature, though slightly different than the frequency of the original substance, provides the mechanism for the Alert Signal effect. The Tick-Tock of the clock is not the actual alarm, yet it is a vital part of the mechanism. Removing the rhythm will achieve the desired response with less trauma than the actual alarm. Clearly then, a homeopathic signature of "Alert Signal", can provide the desired effect of detoxification free from damaging side effects.

The WaveFront 2000/3000 originally designed by Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig and Dr. Andreas Marx can "duplicate" the resonant frequency of a homeopathic remedy thus creating an effective "Alert Signal" very similar, in form and in effectiveness to the original remedy.

Resonance Inversion

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, Ph.D., a prominent biophysicist has researched the resonant frequencies of homeopathic remedies and found that each specific remedy has a unique waveform pattern. At different potencies, each remedy's waveform retains its general shape, but the diffusion of frequencies (harmonics), around the waveform varies.

This waveform phenomenon remains consistent for potencies up to 24x, but beyond this point the waveform "Inverts" itself 180o. This shift in the frequency remains consistent through all higher potencies.

The WaveFront 2000/3000 offers a unique "inversion" technology stage that duplicates and inverts (180o), the resonant frequency of any substance. This means you can create a homeopathic-like remedy out of any substance. While this inverting process is not an actual homeopathic (created through successive potentizing), the inverted remedy carries a "resonance signal" very similar to a high potency homeopathic and this generally proves to be a very effective "Alert Signal".

Considerations for Signal Transference

The WaveFront 2000/3000 is designed with a left "input" and right "output" Electro-magnetic wells. Upon activation, each of these wells creates an Electro-magnetic field. The information and resonant frequencies emanating from a substance or remedy placed in the left well combine with the Electro-magnetic field, which then acts as a carrier wave. The combined signal is pulled by virtue of the flow of electrons through amplification circuits (and through the inversion stage if activated), to the Electro-magnetic field generated in the right side well. The receiving media is then placed in the right side well. The amplified resonant frequencies are imprinted into the molecular structure of the water in the receiving media and a duplicate or inverted remedy is created.

This process does not damage or deteriorate the original remedy in any way. The Electro-magnetic field only captures information that is naturally emanating from the remedy.

In the left side well all the of available Electro-magnetic frequency information is picked-up by the flux field. This includes the EMF radiation present in the environment, as well as any other undesirable "Electro-Smoke" or junk information. The WaveFront 2000/3000 uses dual, independent, amplification circuits from the let to the right side. This advanced circuitry design cleans the signal, similarly to noise cancellation theory, eliminating the "Electro-Smoke, while strengthening the remedy signal. Additionally, each of the wells is gold plated, offering a non-toxic environment chamber for the flux fields.

What Effect Does an Individualized Remedy Have in the Body?

To give an example: A patient is poisoned with mercury from amalgam in the mouth, and a dentist has removed it. The dentist would place the removed amalgam in the input well of the WaveFront 2000/3000 and a lymphatic drainage remedy in the output well. The instrument is switched to "INVERT" and the activate button is pressed. Following this procedure, the drainage remedy is succussed for 10 seconds and the process is completed.

A practitioner can use virtually any substance, for example allergy causing foods or materials like cat hair or vacuum cleaner dust, to create individualized remedies.

Inside the body, a constant (rigid) signal from the mercury as well as possible residual mercury still remains. The body has become "used" to this constant signal and has found ingenious ways to "bury" it deeply within the mesenchyme. When the water, in the homeopathic drops of "inverted treated" substance come in contact with the water inside the body, information of the stored mercury resonance in the mesenchyme is acknowledged. The amplitude changes and the CONSTANT signal is no longer present. The signal now is an Alert Signal, and the patient's body begins to react as the water in his body begins to accommodate the INVERTED signal. Homeopathic nosode has now been customized specifically for the patient. It has been formulated directly from the offending xenobiotic and a "heat-shock" protein inflammatory process has been created to eliminate the residue signal (hormesis).

At the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, it has been proven that after such treatments, the elimination of heavy metals (measured 24 hours after treatment), through the kidneys increases significantly.

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